People skied already above the village even before the tourism trade began and before ski lifts!

This is an interesting view of the old village of Veysonnaz and our neighbours from Nendaz before their development.
Source: Veysonnaz-Chroniques.

The origins of the word ‘Vesona’ go back to the years 1200 according to a manuscript discovered among the Cantonal archives. The village of Veysonnaz was constituted, from 1264, of a prelate barony from Sion. The district of Veysonnaz was founded in 1768 and attached to the ten or so districts of Hérémence until 1802; and then to the district of Sion.

Up until the 1960’s, the population lived mainly from farming. Since then, the district moved into the tourist industry with the building of its cable car and then, little by little, increased its ski domain to finally reach that of the 4 Vallées by its liaison with Nendaz and Verbier.

The district is spread over three plateaus, the upper one links the resort to the 4 Vallées ski domain, the middle one is home to Veysonnaz village and the lower one to the hamlet of Beauperrier.

The district is surrounded, on three sides by Nendaz and to the east by Salins.

Today, Veysonnaz is one of the smallest districts in the Valais by its area: 111 hectares for a population of about 600 with the addition of 4,500 tourists in high season.

Anecdote: The paradoxe is that Veysonnaz, the smallest district in the Valais, is located at the foot of the biggest ski domain in Switzerland and the 3rd biggest in Europe!

A few important dates

Foundation of the lift company Veysonnaz-Thyon
21.07.1961 The first cable car carries tourists from Veysonnaz to Thyon
1962 Inauguration of the Auberge Magrappé
1969 Purchase of the first snow groomer
1969 Construction of the piste de l'Ours
1971 Creation of the Swiss Ski School
1976 Birth of the 4 Vallées ski domain (Veysonnaz, Thyon, Nendaz, Verbier)
17.12.1981            Inauguration of the Ours cable car, the fastest in Europe at that time!

The increase in overnight stays breaks all the records…
1976 : 54'145 overnight stays (43rd in the Valais) -1980 :142'881 overnight stays - 1981: 184'471 overnight stays–1988 : 198'782 overnight stays- 1989 : 184'087 overnight stays 15th in the Valais)
3.01.1990 First world Cup Competition in Veysonnaz (giant slalom - men)
02.11.1990 The Piste de L’Ours officially approved for all World Cup Competitions
2005 New Veysonnaz cable car
2016 New piste de l'Ours cable car
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