Walking along the bisse




Why not set off on a discovery tour of an incredibly important part of the Valais region’s history and local culture, by following in the guardian of the ‘bisse’’s footsteps. Simply follow your mountain guide who will reveal the numerous natural treasures along the ‘bisses’ of Nendaz and Veysonnaz. These ancient irrigation channels, some of which are carved out of the rock face, offer enjoyable and easily accessible walks while unveiling breathtaking views over the Alps.

- accompanied walk with a qualified moutain guide
- lunch at the Restaurant l'Auberge des Bisses in Planchouet
- transport via the ‘bisses’ shuttle bus between Veysonnaz and Nendaz

Wednesday 11th and 25th of July, 8th and  22nd of August 2018

50.-CHF per person
From 6 to 14 people

Veysonnaz Tourisme
Route de Magrappé 42
1993 Veysonnaz
+41 27 207 10 53


The bisses

In the Valais region, the bisses are an important part of the region’s heritage, it’s culture and its civilisation. These works of art which are sometimes dug out of the ground, sometimes carved out of the rock and even suspended from the rock face symbolise the people of the region’s fight to redirect the water in order to avoid drought and water their fields and crops.

Today, the bisses contribute to a wonderful network of easily accessible walking trails due to little variation in altitude, giving the region a very important tourist attraction.

Veysonnaz is located on the Bisse de Vex, one of the most beautiful bisses of the Valais region. This bisse is checked daily by the guardian.


Walks along the bisses

Departing from Veysonnaz

Bisse de Vex

Veysonnaz - Mayens de Sion  (about 50 mins.)

Veysonnaz - Planchouet  (about 2h00)

Circuit via the dry prairies (about 1h50)

Bisses shuttle bus
Veysonnaz – Haute Nendaz (reservations only at Veysonnaz Tourisme) T. +41(0)27 207 10 53

Bisse de Vex et bisse de Salins

Circuit  Veysonnaz - Clèbes (about 2h30)                                                     

Circuit  Le tour des bisses  (about 3h00)


Bisse de Vex & bisse Vieux ou bisse du Milieu

Circuit  Veysonnaz - Nendaz  par le bisse Vieux (about 3h30)

Circuit  Veysonnaz - Nendaz  par le bisse du Milieu  (about 3h15)

Bisses shuttle bus
Veysonnaz – Haute Nendaz (reservations only at Veysonnaz Tourisme) T. +41(0)27 207 10 53


Bisse de Chervé

Thyon - Cleuson (about 3h15)                                                                

Thyon - Cleuson - Siviez - Veysonnaz (about 6h30)    

--> Walking map of walking tracks in Veysonnaz


Treasure hunt (Bisse de Vex and Bisse Vieux)

On the Bisse de Vex, you'll find different ways to enjoy your walk : 

Answer correctly to the questions, find the mystery,... or just walk and enjoy your way.



Bisses in the region        
  Where water is diverted from

Max. Altitude



Bisse de Vex Printze, Planchouet 1505 m. 12 km 1453
Bisse de Salins Printze, Plan-Désert 1210 m. 11 km 1435
Ancien bisse de Chervé Printze, Plan de la Chaux 2300 m. 15 km 1862
Bisse d'Hérémence La Dixence, L'Eteygeon 1546 m. 10 km 1440
Bisse de Baar Printze, Brignon 860 m. 6 km 1456
Bisse d'En-Bas Printze, Sous Achouet 1390 m. 5 km before1753
Bisse du Milieu Printze, Achouet 1440 m. 5 km 1700
Bisse Vieux Printze, Mayens des Eaux 1560 m. 7 km before 1658
Bisse de Saxon Printze, Siviez 1850 m. 32 km 1865 - 1869

--> Map of bisse country

The Bisses in the Valais


The Bisses of the Valais Bisses Museum


A few rules to follow

The Bisses are fragile and demand a lot of maintenance. Any damage to the bisses can lead to disastrous results and can even destroy them.

  • Do not in any way deteriorate the edge of the bisses; water flowing out of the banks can lead to disastrous damages.
  • Never throw anything into the water and never in any circumstance blow the water’s flow
  • Please do not mountain bike along a bisse. It is strictly forbidden!
  • Please keep your dogs on a leash.