Disc golf Thyon - Veysonnaz

The europe's highest disc golf course in Veysonnaz - Thyon!

Disc Golf is played just like traditional golf, except that instead of hitting a ball with a club into a hole in the ground, the player throws a disc (like a Frisbee) into a metal basket designed as a target. The objective of this game is to complete the tour of 9 holes (baskets) with a minimum of throws.

Attention: because of the refiting of the piste de l'Ours 2 baskets will be unusable for a period of time.

The course is open from the 11th July to 1st October 2017 every day, between 9.00-16.30. It is located  on the plateau located at the arrival station of the Veysonnaz cable car, at the top of the legendary ‘Piste de l’Ours’

This new and fun activity is aimed at adults and children alike. The course lasts about 2h. There is also a picnic spot available. The trees and the outlay of the land are just some of the natural obstacles get around and add to the players’ pleasure.

This game is a fun and educational way of spending an afternoon in the fresh air in magnificent surroundings and with breathtaking panoramic views. Come and have a go!

Price (freesbee renting and scores) :
Adult CHF 7.-
Child / Student CHF 5.-
Group from 10 people

CHF 2.- discount pro person
CH 5.- / adult 
CHF 3.-/ child
School CHF 3.- / child


Information and inscription

- Veysonnaz Tourisme  contact & opening hours

- Refreshment stall on the top of the cable car  T. +41 (0)79 221 63 53

-  Kiosk "de l'Alpe" in Thyon 2000 T. +41 (0)27 281 26 22

- Thyon Région Tourisme, in Les Collons  (From middle of September) contact & opening hours

NB: The cable car of Veysonnaz is open in July, August and mid-September. Except this dates, Thyon 2000 is accessible only on the road.

INFO : From 23.09 Veysonnaz Tourisme is closed at the weekends until middle December. The weekend of 23-24.09, and the 30.09 please call us in advanced as we can organize your disc-golf run. T. +41 (0)27 207 10 53