Place aux Mômes

2018 Edition

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Programming coming soon





A variety of 9 shows, entertainment, music, bar and food stalls for the young and the not so young


Program 2017 – Animal theme
Hostess of the day – Mari-Emmanuelle Perruchoud
SHOW  - GRAND FINAL 17H45 CHAPIDOUWOUAH with the participation of the children of Veysonnaz (from  4 years) A TOUCH OF THE COUNTRY SIDE from 11H to 17H

Troup Une Chanson Tonton ? (What about a song uncle ?)
Concert : Animal Jazz 
Three funny singing birds will chirp out their story beautifully put to music. An interactive concert, designed, created and performed with a young audience in mind..
Fun in the farmyard
A travelling petting farm
Along with a guide, the children can discover, in small groups, the fascinating life on a farm (geese, ducks, cockerels, hens, rabbits)

OLYMPIADE 11H30 (from 4 years - all public) WILD THINGS BETWEEN 16H30-17H15 (all public)
Troup Pierre Caillou
Theatre and music
The meeting between an athlete and a snail will turn everything you know about the Olympic Games up-side-down. Hold on to your hats!
Theatre and dance
Around the corner come strange masked characters. A mystical journey between dreams and consciousness.
 "ZITA LA POULE" 14H15 (from 5 years) "LES AVENTURES DE FLAUBERT LE VER DE TERRE" BETWEEN 12H00-14H00 AND 15H15-16H15 (from 3 years)
Teatro due Punti
Theatre and song
Zita is a hen who travels around the world with two humans, Rosaria and Beppe. She discovers the circus.
Troup Pierre Caillou
Show ‘pop-up book’ and musical origami
The story of a worm whose dreams were too big to handle
"PETIT NAIN, SORT TA MALICE" BETWEEN  12H00-14H00 AND 15H15-16H15  (from 4 years) "À LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS DES RÊVES" BETWEEN 12H00-14H00 AND 15H15-16H15 (from 6 year - all public)
Kathereen Abhervé – storyteller
Wonderful animal stories: Pipoute the hen or a mountain goat not like the others, a white blackbird or a toad prince …
Patrick Mohr et Olivier Sidore
Australian Aboriginal legends accompanied by the didgeridoo
The time of creation where humans, animals and plants are one. Spellbinding!
"LA VAGUE ROUGE" 11H00 (all public) And here is out hostess for the day :
A red street parade
A red wave sweeps through the village streets, red giants on stilts lead the young and the not so young into a happy and fun wonderland
Young and dynamic, she founded ‘L’aérienne et Cie’ with other performers in the Valais, to continue to organize shows for young audiences where fun can meet music and theatre.



Entrance: CHF 12.-/child from 4 – 6 years, with a souvenir cup, bag and sirup

free for adults

Food: Bar and food stalls for everybody

Access: Veysonnaz, centre of the village

Parking: indoor parking ‘Les Grangettes’ below the Chalet Royal hotel will be FOC

Especially for families: push-chair area and changing table on site

Support :
If you would like to help support this festival, cloth bags decorated with the children of Veysonnaz’ self-portraits are on sale on site and at Veysonnaz Tourisme.


Auction on site and the end of the day to purchase crafts made by the children.